It is sufficient to exist for us to be in a spiritual path. We are all made of the same divine essence, therefore everything is special and divine. There is no separation between good and bad. These polarities only exist if we only consider the physical materialistic perspective, but if we observe that everything is part of All That Is, this magnificent All That Is, we can understand that essentially there is no good and bad.

From this perspective we are then open to experience all that life can offer us, with a free and exciting atitude. All the spiritual teachings, books, they are all talking about this perspective. The perspective of the whole being, the conscious being, the being that knows that everything is possible, that knows that it is divine, that knows that it is free and it is as beautiful and as divine as everything else.Many people misunderstand this ideal of “perfectness”, thinking that we must do things to accomplish this perfect state of being. The reality is that there is no need to do or achieve anything, we don’t have to fight, to make effort, to study or meditate for hours in order to be perfect. Our Own Nature is already this perfectness, this is our essence.

So when books and spiritual teachers say “all you need to do is to forgive”, or “forgiving is a wonderful way for spiritual freedom”, this is just a way of practicing the recognition of your own perfectness. Because there is never a reason for feeling guilty, or for blaming anyone for anything! Everything is as it is, and its essence will always be Divine.

The difference between Spiritual Masters and their followers are only that the spiritual masters know who they are, they are conscious of their divinity. They are not more special than anyone else, and they never act as so. That’s why it is common to observe this humbleness in spiritual masters. They know we are all one, and that you and me are as wonderful beings as themselves. This is the origin of masters humbleness.

There is no need for leaving your family and friends to become spiritual. There is no need for becoming a vegetarian, there is no need for living in a spiritual temple. There is no need for anything. But of course, we are all different beings (made out however, of the same essence), expressing our individuality; that means then, that we can (and we often will) have different choices and preferences, and every choice is a wonderful choice: If you prefere to be a vegetarian, wonderful! if you prefere to eat meat because that’s how you feel good, that’s wonderful as well! We have our own reasons for chosing what we feel like chosing, so we don’t have to force anyone to choose anything that one doesn’t want to do.

One may ask then “if we all decide to do what we feel like doing, it will be a messy world and we may never evolve to a better earth”. The answer is simple, we all have the innate will of feeling good and expressing the best of who we are, and there are things that, even being part of all that is, are perfect expressions of a limited life. So we may even choose for that a few times, but if we know that we don’t need to choose for this limited experience, then we will naturally migrate for something that is a better expression of our natural creative and perfect self. We only choose for things that aren’t the best expressions of who we are because we think we need to choose them.

Universe is self organized, it works in a perfect way that sometimes for us, when thinking through our physical minds, is not possible to understand. So life is made of paradoxes, that’s why there seem to be so many things that are opposite but that can naturally co-exist. Everything is possible.

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