Organic Food

Everybody knows that organic (or biological) food is from far the best option when choosing our food in the supermarket: it tastes better, it protects the environment, it comes from a fair production, it’s healthy and full of life (especially when fresh)!!

[maybe here we can add the different criteria for a product to be consider organic?]

The agriculture we widely practice today started to be spreaded in the 1960’s, after a series of research and technology development, with the green revolution. The idea was to create a massive food production ‘that could feed the whole world’ (clearly not happening), and for that, it was necessary to use ways to take as much from the soil as possible by implanting enourmous fields of monoculture, spreading poison on plants and soil, using genetic modified seeds, that is supposedly used to be more effective agaisnt plagues and sometimes even more “nutritive”. However this type of agriculture is being proved to be an unwanted choice if we want to sustain a balanced and healthy earth dynamic, and also if we want to promote our own physical, emotional and psychological health.

Now we see that the main idea of creating this type of agriculture was not exactly to feed the world, but only to sustain and ‘strengthen’ our actual economical system, which is by the way, abslutely unsustainable and it is now crashing down. In the same way, most of our system (education, science, etc) and even the government itself is sponsored directly or undirectly by big corporations that want people to play this ‘economic game’ learning their rules for maintaining this ball rolling up to the point where people notice how incoherent and unhappy this system is, and also how it goes totally agaisnt life-sustaining principles.

The good news are that people are in fact waking up! Even though the majority is still unconscious of how things really work, there are many people starting to live a conscious life, making conscious choices and that are thursty for new alternatives.  Regarding agriculture, there are many ways for a sustainable/organic practice, some are very old and some are being developed right now. Examples are: traditional organic agriculture, Permaculture, MOA Natural Farming , Agroforestry, Biodynamic Farming and so forth.

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