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The quality of the interaction we have with people is always a reflection of our own state of being. In a situation where we feel hurt, disappointed, underestimated, damaged, or any other feeling or emotion that we may tend to blame other people for its existence, is actually not other people’s fault at all! This person, might it be your father, wife, husband, son, friend, has no direct connection with the reason why you are feeling this way, they are only serving as a mirror to you. And this is why human interactions are so important to us! They help us to know more of who we are, get more in contact with ourselves, with our belief systems or even with our higher selves. If you are in love, this is a wonderful way of getting in contact with your higher self, you feel joy, happiness, spontaneity, etc, and you think this is because of the other person. But it’s easy to forget that this feeling is already there in you, it’s not born from the other person, it was always there, however the interaction with the other person allowed you to get in touch with this part that existed in you and maybe you didn’t know how to get in contact by yourself. When this first passionate moment fades and you think you get to know more of the other person, you may start believing that this other person belongs to you, or that s/he is supposed to act in a certain way you are used to, etc. The good news are that every ‘bad’ feeling we may have and we may wrongly adress to other people comes from our fear of being disconnected with All That Is, or God if you prefer. So if you have the belief that your partner belongs to you, so he or she can’t change or can’t be really free (which is an illusion cause we are all free!), it’s because you have forgotten that you are connected with everything else, and that you are also free, creative, wonderful. No body is giving you this wonderfulness of being you, this is your essence! So if you see things from this perspective (let’s say, the higher mind’s perspective) you will know that there is never a reason to be afraid of anything, never a reason to feel hurt, disappointed. There are only reasons for feeling wonderful, and free!

Take every interaction, every relationship you have, as an opportunity of knowing more of yourself, of your beliefs, if you are feling hurt, ask yourself what, in your mind, is making you believe you were demaged. Or simply remember (I highly recommend this) that you are part of this wonderful world! That you exist, that you are part of nature. You are not disconnected. Be this wonderful being you are, express yourself.

the same way when we feel love, and we may think that this is love is a result of another person’s existence, this love also comes from within you, it doesn’t belong to the other person…

– When you think you know the other person, you are helping to block the other person to change, to be free, and you are also blocking yourself. SAying “i’m always the same, can you see? so you are not allowed to change yourself as well”, like this you two will be in a vicious circle.

that’s why it’s always an opportunity to know more about ourselves,

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